Navigating the Challenges of Relocating to Florence: A Personal Journey

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My journey:

I want to briefly share my personal journey of relocating to Florence. It was a whirlwind of emotions, discoveries, and challenges. From the initial decision to move here to starting my own business, every step has been a testament to the resilience and support that surround us in this remarkable city. In this blog post, I aim to shed light on some of the difficulties faced by expats moving to Florence and how my experiences have inspired me to assist others in their quest to make this dream a reality.

The Call to Florence:

Life has a way of presenting unexpected opportunities, and my journey to Florence was no exception. Originally from Brazil, I spent a big chunk of my life in the United Kingdom, then Paris, before my husband’s career change prompted us to embark on a new adventure: Florence, a city steeped in history and art, we embraced the unknown and set forth to make it our home.

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Florence at dusk

Creating a Business:

After being happy and settled for a while, during the lockdown, my professional life took an unexpected turn. As I searched for a new path, an idea materialised during a long walk as soon as we were allowed to walk again after the confinement. Combining my knowledge of the city, my network of friends, and a passion for helping others, I decided to establish a business that would guide expats through the complexities of moving to Florence. It was a leap of faith, but the overwhelming support and generosity of those around me reaffirmed my decision.

The Role of Trust and Expertise:

Moving to a foreign country can be overwhelming, especially when faced with bureaucratic intricacies and language barriers. The heart of my business lies in building trust and providing expertise to those navigating the challenges of relocation. My experience and connections in Florence allow me to offer a helping hand to English, French and Portuguese-speaking expats who often feel lost and uncertain about where to start. When clients approach me, they can rest assured that they are contacting someone who has already walked this path multiple times.

The Complexities of Living in Italy:

Italy, a country known for its vibrant culture and rich history, also presents unique challenges for newcomers. The intricacies of Italian bureaucracy, ever-changing regulations, and the often-daunting housing market can be overwhelming. My aim is to alleviate some of the stress by sharing knowledge, offering guidance, and connecting individuals with reliable resources. While I can never promise to make the experience stress-free, I strive to make it considerably less painful by providing a supportive network and valuable insights.

The Housing Challenge:

One of the most significant hurdles faced by expats in Florence is the current housing situation. Recently, the city has experienced a surge in demand, resulting in limited options for accommodation, everyone wants to move to Florence! This influx, driven in part by the pandemic, has created difficulties for students, professionals, and families seeking a place to call home. However, as the situation stabilises, it is my hope that the availability of housing will improve, making the relocation process smoother for those aspiring to live in this wonderful city.

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Rewarding Experiences:

Despite the challenges, witnessing the dreams of others come to fruition is immensely rewarding. Working with positive and determined individuals who choose to relocate to Florence, fills me with joy. From families embracing their new surroundings with gusto to professionals embarking on exciting career paths, every success story reinforces my passion for my work. I am so fortunate to meet remarkable human beings and be a part of their transformative journey.

You can do it too!

My journey to Florence has been the adventure of a lifetime. The challenges I faced inspired me to establish a business that guides expats through the complexities of relocation, ensuring they can focus on living their dreams. By providing expertise, trust, and support, I aim to make the process considerably less painful and help individuals on their journey into this amazing city. So if you’re considering a relocation to Florence, make sure Move to Florence is on the very top of your list to hold you by the hand for the entire process!

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