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Imagine your Florence move made easy with the help of experts. Allow us to take you by the hand and guide you through the adventure of moving to Florence. You can be confident that with our experience you will settle into your new life with ease.

Call or write to us and together we can give you the best possible start to your dolce vita, help moving to Florence has never been so easy.

The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.

Dante Alighieri

Client Reviews

Alison and Tony Latiolait

Moved to Florence April 2023

We’ve had an excellent experience with Move to Florence. Danielle’s superb knowledge of housing and resources for expat living in Florence helped us feel confident that we had all the necessary information for the important decisions related to our move from California. Danielle also asked about our interests and was able to give us contacts so that when we arrived, we were able to continue doing the activities we loved. She was able to accommodate all our requests and many of the contacts she gave us have become friends and trusted resources. Danielle is a joy to work with. She is patient, caring, and super responsive, all of which is a great comfort to someone who is relocating to a foreign destination. We are very happy in our new home in Florence and much of our happiness is a direct result of all of Danielle’s hard work. We highly recommend Move to Florence.

Cezanne Miller

Moved to Florence February 2023

Move to Florence really saved the day when I was trying to figure out how to navigate simple things like get a key fob to recycle and set up internet so I could work from home. Just having someone I could trust to point me in the right direction or assist proved to be immensely helpful.

It was wonderful connecting with Danielle. She is such a calm, helpful, and clear communicator that you know you are in good hands. Her help was invaluable in allowing me to get set up in my new home.

I highly recommend reaching out to Move to Florence to make your transition as smooth as possible. Even though I thought I was prepared for Italian bureaucracy, it was frustrating to try and navigate all the various systems. Move to Florence came to the rescue and became a valuable and trusted partner as I got settled.

Brian Mandrier

Moved to Florence March 2023

Danielle’s work was invaluable to us. She really helped demystify the process of buying a property in Florence. She set up all of our appointments to view potential apartments when we were in Florence, which was a huge help, and organized the process. She also did previews for us, and we really appreciated how candid she was in her reviews. This process allowed us to narrow our search down to quality apartments.

We had a very positive experience and will recommend Move To Florence to any friends or clients interested in buying a property in Florence. Danielle was very organized and always completed tasks on time, if not early.

Move To Florence was so helpful after we made our purchase. We live in the US, so having the apartment painted and refreshed from abroad was almost impossible. Danielle had appointments lined up with contractors the day our apartment was purchased, and two weeks later, we were ready to move in. Move to Florence also assisted with utility set-up, which was a daunting task for someone abroad. Move to Florence made the process from getting the keys to having our first glass of wine in the apartment a much easier process than we expected and we are very thankful. 

Sandy Ferlisi

Moved to Florence January 2023

Danielle has always been incredibly responsive to my questions and requests. Honestly, sometimes I think she works 24 hours a day! Her in-depth knowledge of the Florentine community, how things work (or don’t) in Italy, and her incredible network of contacts have been a tremendous resources for me in my journey to dual Italian citizenship. I would have given up long ago without Danielle.

Augusto Gomes

Moved to Florence August 2023

Moving to a new country is quite a challenge, and local support is a must. I surely recommend Move to Florence for the ones intending to move to Firenze or spending a longer period in the city. Knowing that I could count on Move to Florence for a wide range of services allowed me to focus on my work & pleasure during my six months staying in Firenze.

Danielle quickly replies and gives full support in everything concerning my moving to the new apartment.


Moved to Florence September 2023

I’ve known Danielle for a while and I would not hesitate recommending her to friends. Danielle was very thorough in her information regarding my decision to move. Her details were accurate and I could tell she studied all options before recommending any one answer.

It’s so important to find reliable people when we are making such a big decision. I can’t think of any reason not to include her in your plans. She’s a jewel.