Purchasing a home

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Italy, here you will find an outline of the steps, procedures, actors, laws, and taxes that investors usually have to deal with in the acquisition process. The booklet has been drafted by one of my attorney-partners, Ms. Claudia Bortolani, based on many interviews she conducted with foreign clients before and after their transactions. We hope you will find it rich in practical tips and helpful for your future investments in Italy.

Medical needs

If you need a doctor in Florence, what do you do? Well, it’s easy. We have Dr Kerr, who is British and answers the phone himself, in ENGLISH! And you can also count on Doctor Florence, a 24 hour service, which includes home visits, medical certificates for sport, nurse services, and a lot more.

Learn Italian

So many of my clients ask me about how to go about learning Italian, well here it is! I’ve partnered with Gymglish, a really fun and interesting online Italian course, if you click on this link, you get your first month free.

Your guide in Florence

Without this lady, there would be no Move to Florence, she was the first person I ever spoke to about my idea and was one of my main sources of support and common sense when I embarked on this journey, and the best part? Elaine Ruffolo is an amazing Art Historian, she will make Florence come to life in her incredible open air, walking lectures.