Hey, I’m Danielle and I’m here to help make your move as easy as possible. I’ve lived in several different countries and know what it’s like to be the new family in town.

Movetoflorence is here to help you in every way. As every person is unique, every move is unique, so are our services to you. The best and most effective way to decide what you need is to get in touch, we can discuss your circumstances and make a decision together. We’re here to make your move the best it can be, and to help you settle in the best possible way.

Choose your main needs and we will guide you through the process no matter how bureaucratic.

We can get your permesso di soggiorno together, a car and choose your home, or any other combination you need. I only work with the best professionals who are tried and tested, and this will make your experience easy and efficient. Give me a call or send a message to discuss your needs, I’m with you every step of the way.

Document services

Together we can navigate through the complicated Italian bureaucracy with ease. All the documents you need and the endless visits to the town hall made simple, with an Italian speaker who has done it all before. Questura visits, tessera sanitaria, permesso di soggiorno, green pass conversions, driving license conversions, ZTL/ZCS passes, electricity, water and gas bills in your name…the list goes on.

By the hour

You need help, but you’re not even sure what for? We can help you settle in and guide you during those first couple of months when everything is new and scary, where to find a house, a car, a school. We have services available as simple as an airport pick-up and finding a nanny. Let’s find your new favourite shops together and understand your local area with a guide. If you need it to make your move easier, we do it! Just ask.

Home Purchase and Renovation

So you have found your dream home in Tuscany and you want to buy it and renovate it? Before you sign anything, let me introduce you to my legal team, they are able to advise you and help you make the right choices in the maze that is the Italian housing market. Likewise before you start your renovations, meet my guys, they have high standards and are head and shoulders above the rest. Because I only work with professionals who understand the needs of people coming from other countries, the process is crystal clear, keeping you informed and comfortable all the way.

Danielle is a communicative and very positive person, always looking for solutions. As well as being in Florence for several years, she’s experienced moving to different countries and understands the struggle.

Barbora Christie

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