Navigating the Challenges of Relocating to Florence: A Personal Journey

My journey: I want to briefly share my personal journey of relocating to Florence. It was a whirlwind of emotions, discoveries, and challenges. From the initial decision to move here to starting my own business, every step has been a testament to the resilience and support that surround us in this remarkable city. In thisContinue reading “Navigating the Challenges of Relocating to Florence: A Personal Journey”

The art and history of Florence: a quick guide to the city’s museums and landmarks

As you plan your move to Florence, remember that this beautiful Italian city is known for its rich art and history, and there are plenty of amazing museums and landmarks to explore. Here’s a guide to some of the top cultural attractions in Florence to help you plan your relocation. Florence is a city withContinue reading “The art and history of Florence: a quick guide to the city’s museums and landmarks”

Which neighbourhood?

As you plan your relocation to Florence, one important question will be, where do I live? As a specialist in helping expats find the perfect place to live, I know that finding the right neighbourhood is an important part of the process. The city of Florence is divided into different neighbourhoods, each with its ownContinue reading “Which neighbourhood?”

Restaurants in Florence

You’re in for a treat when it comes to Italian cuisine if you’re moving to Florence. There are many great restaurants in the city that serve mouthwatering, traditional cuisine. We’ll introduce you to six of Florence’s top Italian restaurants in this blog post so you can start making plans for your meals even before youContinue reading “Restaurants in Florence”

Friendships matter

I have been an expat for most of my life. I was born in Brazil and lived there until the age of 15 when I left for England, never to  return to live in my own country.  I’ve since lived in France and now also Italy, so after a childhood with the same house, friends,Continue reading “Friendships matter”

Is a life in Florence for you?

This is not an easy question to ask yourself. But be brutally honest, can you handle all the pitfalls, bureaucracy and inevitable disappointments that come with a move to a foreign country? I will never stop being amazed at the resilience and sheer strength of my clients. People determined to make a life in Florence,Continue reading “Is a life in Florence for you?”

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