Reverse culture shock

So you’ve moved to Florence, you’re learning Italian, the culture doesn’t seem all that strange to you anymore. You’ve made new friends, the kids are happy in their school, you even have a couple of new hobbies, and then the inevitable happens, you go back home, you visit your home country, and boy, does itContinue reading “Reverse culture shock”

Driving in Italy

No, this is not a blog about crazy Italian drivers and how brave you need to be to drive here, although yes, Italian drivers are crazy and you do need to be very brave to drive in Italy. Some stereotypes exist for a reason. This is a blog about the hidden side of driving inContinue reading “Driving in Italy”

Is a life in Florence for you?

This is not an easy question to ask yourself. But be brutally honest, can you handle all the pitfalls, bureaucracy and inevitable disappointments that come with a move to a foreign country? I will never stop being amazed at the resilience and sheer strength of my clients. People determined to make a life in Florence,Continue reading “Is a life in Florence for you?”

Art in Florence

We all know Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, right? The art in Florence, Italy, is second to none in the world. The David statue in the Accademia Gallery is one of the many examples of  artworks in Florence that are some of the most popular in the world. In fact there are soContinue reading “Art in Florence”

An Italian Funeral

Last Saturday morning my boyfriend and I woke up to the news that his 96 year old grandmother had died. She had been bed-ridden for the last 10 years, his mother was a full time carer for her and she wasn’t all that lucid, so it goes without saying that it was one of thoseContinue reading “An Italian Funeral”

Adapting to a new country

The first time I ever moved in my life, I was 15 years old moving from Rio de Janeiro to York, England. Let me tell you, the culture shock was seismic. Literally nothing was or felt familiar, or even similar. This was in 1991 long before we were all connected and could go on GoogleContinue reading “Adapting to a new country”

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